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Multi-use playgrounds

IM TRUST for sports construction and landscaping works

Creating and Equipping Multi-Use Playgrounds

These are courts where tennis, basketball, football and volleyball can be played within the same place. Multi-use playgrounds can be indoor or outdoor. Multi-use stadiums can be built at low costs, they are practical, and many sports can be played in them. Multi-use playgrounds are often used in schools, residential complexes and hotels. They are usually constructed in dimensions of 18 x 36 m.
IM TRUST Company works in the field of constructing multi-use playgrounds and has long experience in this field. These playgrounds can be completed and delivered ready for use within a period of 3-4 weeks.

Flooring used in multi-use stadiums:
• Multi-use playgrounds with artificial turf floors
• Multi-use courts with tartan flooring
• Multi-use stadiums with acrylic floors
• Multi-use playgrounds with hardwood (vinyl) flooring.

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Establishing multi-use playgrounds with artificial turf floors

Multi-use synthetic turf pitch sizes are accepted as 18m x 36m, but the size can be reduced to suit areas such as residential complexes and school parks. We have multiple models of synthetic turf pitches in different colors from 11mm pile to 30mm pile. It is preferable to use a 20 mm synthetic turf model for multi-use courts.

Construction of multi-use playgrounds with tartan flooring

Tartan flooring is made by overlapping a layer of two materials from the polymer-based elastomer group, referred to by the abbreviations SBR and EPDM.
The thickness of these layers can vary according to demand and need. The most applied thickness is 8mm SBR + 5mm EPDM and the total is 13mm.
Synthetic rubber applied in the granules provides a flexible floor across the SBR granules, while the EPDM granules form a durable surface with a variety of colors.

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Multi-use playgrounds with acrylic floors

It is a flexible and non-slip flooring. It is a floor that can be used in all weather conditions, withstands heavy traffic, and does not crack or break. The desired colors can be obtained by installing multiple color options. Rigid and flexible layers can be created in open and closed multi-purpose areas containing an acrylic floor.

Multi-purpose courts with hardwood floors

Wooden sports flooring is a flooring with a renewable sports design, which enables the recovery of energy, reduces its consumption, and meets engineering needs through the bouncing of the ball. Solid wood floor consists of a multi-layer system. The special rubber backing system used in the substrate provides flexibility to the wood floor. Our solid wood floors regularly undergo qualitative tests in various parameters to ensure excellent slip resistance and scratch resistance.

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