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Football fields

IM TRUST for sports construction and landscaping works

Football fields

.Football is one of the most popular and most practiced sports in the world. It is one of the emotional sports that different people care about and enjoy throughout their lives.
We have distinct types of Turkish and European artificial turf for football fields that are certified and have international quality certificates, and which are characterized by the high density and durability of the bristles installed on a three-layer base that achieves a safe and comfortable floor for the players, and good performance in terms of the roll and bounce of the ball in order to meet all customer requirements and provide Best gaming features for everyone.

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We are honored to be the sole and exclusive agent for the largest Turkish factory in Egypt

IM TRUST supplies and implements sports fields with high technology, while obtaining the following advantages in artificial turf for football:
Advantages of Artificial Grass
• Resistant to all weather conditions
• Possibility of use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Resists friction and corrosion
• Low maintenance and repair costs.
• Soft fabric reduces the risk of injury to players.
• Its unique design increases the player’s performance.
• Improves the quality of the game by providing a stable ball bounce.
• It contributes to protecting the environment by saving water.
• It is installed on various types of soil (rocky – asphalt – salty soil).
• It has a UV protection layer and therefore its color does not change, considering the shelf life of artificial turf is 5-8 years.

How to manufacture artificial grass

Artificial turf consists of bristles of materials such as: polyurethane, polypropylene, and others, to take the shape and nature of the grass and its first and main property, which is shock absorption.
Artificial turf is also a competitive alternative to natural turf. Artificial turf is mainly and commonly used in sports stadiums and arenas, such as football fields, tennis courts, golf courts, and hockey fields. Artificial turf fields are considered better and an ideal solution than natural turf fields in terms of lifespan, aesthetic appearance, and maintenance. And the price.

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