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Al Hamra stadiums

IM TRUST for sports construction and landscaping works

Construction and equipment of Al Hamra stadiums

Al-Hamra stadiums are sports fields that are prepared according to European specifications. Al-Hamra is a type of sand with a red color, and some people remember it as red powder. The Al-Hamra type is used in preparing and designing sports fields instead of using artificial grass fields and tartan fields. Al-Hamra fields are controlled if they are multiple fields or Non-multiple courts. They are used directly to make multiple tennis courts and football sports fields. A layer of sweet sand is placed, then a layer of red or red powder is placed.
The stadium is then planned according to use, and there are two types of layout:
• Gerry layout: one of the disadvantages of this layout is that it does not last a long time
• German layout: It is a plastic layout and one of its advantages is that it is permanent and cannot be erased.
The sizes of the red stadiums are characterized by different areas according to each type. Game

ملاعب الحمرة
ملاعب الحمرة الحمرة الترابية

Implementation of Al-Hamra stadiums

You want to build a football, basketball, or tennis field, and you want to save a lot of money in the construction process and maintain the international level of safety for individuals, such as a grass or acrylic field. Then you should choose to create Al-Hamra Stadium.
With IM TRUST Company for the following features
• Establishing a Hamra field for playing tennis and football
• Establishing a Hamra Stadium at a value of up to 50% less than the value of the Al-Najil Artificial Stadium.
• Establishing a Hamra stadium according to international standards for implementing Hamra stadiums to avoid injuries.
• With IM TRUST, you own a playground that meets international safety standards and at the best prices.


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