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11 years

Honored as us

  IM Trust for sports and landscape construction that we have left behind 11 years of success in our journey that began in 2012. We continue to grow up with six companies and nine brands, each leading in their own sector, with our professional staff, our high-quality products and our concept of high-quality services.

اي ام تراست

Services provided by IM Trust

Sports constructions

Specialized in all sports facilities (football, basketball, hand volley, tennis, golf, squash, padel).

Landscape works

The design of the landscape units must be done with great care in order to match the client’s taste.
im TRUST has specialized engineers to design your unit before implementation.

Tartan flooring

The tartan flooring system consists of two layers with a water permeable feature. It is flexible sports flooring whose primary materials are EPDM and SBR granules. It is used on athletics tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, multi-player fields, and in gymnasiums.

Acrylic flooring

Acrylic flooring dries quickly and is resistant to ultraviolet rays and is suitable for implementing various indoor and outdoor playgrounds. The products are used in the field of constructing tennis courts, athletics tracks, and multi-use fields.

Rubber flooring

We provide the finest rubber materials (rubber tiles – rubber rolls)
Suitable for gyms and works to absorb shocks

Garden coordination and maintenance

We have a team specialized in maintaining gardens, irrigation networks, and natural grass playgrounds, as well as all necessary supplies for gardens

IM TRUST Company products for sports construction and landscaping

We supply and implement, under our own brand I.M. Trust, all sports constructions – artificial turf, landscaping, tartan flooring, acrylic flooring, rubber tiles, polyurethane floor coverings for outdoor areas and acrylic floor coatings.
Design and implementation of all industrial and natural landscape works (trees, flowers, palm trees) and irrigation networks
Stadium accessories – stadium lighting

اي ام تراست

Tartan flooring

اي ام تراست اكريليك

Acrylic flooring

اي ام تراست

Rubber flooring

اي ام تراست الفنييل

Vinyl flooring

اي ام تراست نجيل صناعي

Artificial grass

اي ام تراست

Land scape



الزرع فى منتجاتنا 1

Planting beds

اي ام تراست زينة وزهور ونخيل فى منتجاتنا 1

Ornamental plants, flowers and palm trees

Trust our name that makes us different...

We design and implement sports constructions for our customers in Egypt and the world, tennis, basketball, handball, golf and volleyball courts, multi-use courts, all sports flooring, tartan tracks, EPDM, and acrylic, sports equipment, and we continue to provide after-sales services as well. We work to ensure that the best materials, quality, efficiency and performance that we provide to our customers throughout our country and the world reach the same level through our staff of our employees and engineers as we have been since day one, by providing these services with high quality and technology with high performance and efficiency.
We continue to provide after-sales services to our customers through our specialized team of experts in their field, and we meet all customers’ needs and requests completely and within the appropriate time. We work with our team with the concept of services focused on our customers, and to create continuous values with the goal of continuity with the sales team in order to maintain customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis. For this purpose, we constantly work with the specialized human resources department, technical training and machines produced with the latest technologies, whether for design, implementation or maintenance. We have a business partnership with our customers built on endless trust.
The big difference is that this trust is created by providing “after-sales satisfaction” to customers.



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Success Partners

Our projects

As IM Trust, we create projects that are complete and ready for use, from open sports arenas, sports stadiums, football fields, basketball courts, multi-purpose sports arenas, tennis courts, athletics tracks, Padel courts – acrylic and tartan flooring and all other types of playgrounds. As well as all natural and artificial landscaping works and all supplies of flowers, trees, palm trees and designs necessary for the works.

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