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Golf courses

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Construction and equipment of golf courses

Golf courses are sports facilities with natural or artificial surfaces over very large areas. Artificial turf is preferred in golf course construction because there is significant wear and tear on natural turf used on golf courses. Artificial turf is resistant to friction and damage. It was designed to withstand all the weather conditions. The lack of a flat natural grass floor limits the ball speed and player movement, which reduces the quality of the game and athletic performance. Since the surfaces of artificial turf are flatter, the proportion of the ball is the same in each area and the player’s movements are not restricted. Synthetic turf eliminates surface variations on the field, improving consistency and quality of play.
The need for maintenance is not tiring and not expensive. Implementing artificial turf on golf courses saves water and budget
Thanks to the custom synthetic grass, you will now be able to enjoy golf anywhere. Artificial turf, which is easy to implement and maintain, can turn even your home garden into a golf course.

IM TRUST, which specializes in the field of constructing golf courses, delivers these arenas within the shortest time.

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Establishing a golf course with artificial grass

Golf is a sport usually played on a natural grass course. Artificial turf is used to create a golf course because there is significant wear and tear on the natural turf used on golf courses. Artificial turf is especially preferred in the construction of small golf courses. The special artificial turf used for golf courses is called putting green.
It means throwing the ball into the main playing area of the field called the fairway in the part of the field up to the hole. This area is more uniform and consists of shorter grass than other areas, and can be between 30 and 90 meters wide, and is more suitable for hitting the ball. The craft is to throw the ball into the soft grassy areas of the playing field.
On either side of this area there is an area called the “Harsh Bible.” This area includes tall grass, grass, trees, or sandy, dirt areas. Then the hole ends with a Bata area and is named as putting green. Bata is the given name
For the hole, which is covered with high-quality grass and made convenient for making a Bata blow by shortening it continuously, marked with a flag in the middle or at the edge.


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