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Rubber tiles

IM TRUST for sports construction and landscaping works

Rubber tiles / rubber flooring / IM Trust Company for all types of sports flooring

Construction and Preparation of Rubber Tile Floors

Rubber tile floor

 A structurally strong floor covering system that withstands all types of weather conditions.

They are more in demand than regular rubber rollers and have been used smoothly for many years
IM TRUSTCompany is one of the best companies for supplying and installing rubber flooring in Egypt
You can also obtain the best rubber tile materials in order to create gyms or places designated for children’s games without fear of them being exposed to any kind of painful bruises that they may be exposed to. You can choose the color that you desire due to the availability of many different colors suitable for all Places and tastes.

You can also choose the thickness of the floor that is appropriate for you and which you wish to acquire, and thus this guarantees complete safety for your children or even for everyone who exercises in gyms or strength games.

Whatever your choice of the type of rubber flooring you want to get, make sure that you can get quality and durability at the same time. The company works to provide the best prices for rubber flooring in Egypt, but while ensuring the provision of the finest materials that are characterized by their strength and hardness, and in this way you can guarantee protection. Complete while exercising or even protecting your children from exposure to any kind of danger.

بلاط مطاطي
بلاط مطاطي

مميزات الارضيات المطاطية:

Very high resistance to corrosion, which reduces the need to change it

– Rubber floors are flexible and shock absorbent
– High sound absorption.
– All types of anti-static rubber flooring.
– It is safe, provides more comfort, and reduces the risk of injury while playing.
– Sleep and rest while walking, as it prevents slipping.
– Rubber tiles protect against injuries and dangers that may occur when falling.
– Fire resistant, does not cause combustion, and does not emit smoke because it is made of natural materials.
Rubber tiles for gym floors, children’s play areas, and nurseries:
– Rubber flooring is used in (indoor halls and outdoor playgrounds – gym halls – children’s play areas – nurseries and entertainment places).

Types and prices of rubber flooring:

– IM TRUST provides rubber flooring in the form of square tiles (50*50 cm) or rolls of different thicknesses at competitive prices.
‎‎- We provide the finest rubber materials suitable for gyms that absorb shocks
– We also provide all equipment and supplies for gyms.

Rubber tiles

The best solutions for shock absorption, resistance to heat and humidity, and bearing large weights
Available in different sizes and thicknesses and in red, green and black colors
If you want to install rubber tiles, you must rely on a specialized company to ensure that the installation process is completed by specialists and thus guarantee the quality of work and installation. IM TRUST is considered one of the best and largest companies specialized in installing all types of rubber tiles in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Rubber tiles: They are a type of artificial tiles available in different thicknesses and are chosen according to the activity of the place in which they will be installed. They are widely used in clubs, stadiums, gyms and gardens.

بلاط مطاطي
بلاط مطاطي

Uses of rubber tiles

We work to provide the best types of rubber tile flooring to all our valued customers. We also provide them with the best competitive prices. We also work to provide a team of professionally trained workers who install them skillfully and quickly, taking into account the nature of the place and the area that will be covered.
The most famous places where rubber tiles are installed are:
1. Gyms
2. Children’s playgrounds
3. Jogging and walking lanes.
4. Bicycle paths.
5. Horse stables.
6. Nurseries and school gardens.
7. Rehabilitation centers.
8. Fitness centers.
9. Nursing homes for the elderly.

The best types of rubber tiles

Rubber tiles provided by IM TRUST

If you have a gym or a garden with a children’s area or a playground and you want to install rubber tiles in it, you will not find anything better than our distinguished company in providing advanced capabilities and modern methods that are unparalleled, given that we work to provide rubber tiles from the finest raw materials and materials that work to provide protection against shocks.
We are working to provide rubber tiles for the gym, which are characterized by their durability and great strength to deal with sudden falls that may occur to anyone who practices sports. You can also purchase them anywhere else, not only gyms, but you can purchase them in homes, gardens, and the ocean. For swimming pools, corridors and parking lots, as we work to provide distinguished materials to maintain the safety of individuals, especially children.
Contact us as soon as possible if you want to request a service or inquire about rubber tiles and the offers available with us, and be sure that you can obtain all the distinguished capabilities and enjoy the best services provided by the company, as the team of experts’ heads to your place to begin installing the rubber tiles there. And install it well.
All the services provided to you are available at the lowest prices and costs that you wish to obtain, and you can seize the opportunity and obtain comprehensive offers for many distinguished discounts and discounts that work to make it easier for all customers.

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