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Padel Courts

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Padel Courts

Establishment of padel courts

Padel is currently one of the top international sports and the demand for it continues to grow with time. Based on the logic, setting up padel tennis courts can be one of the best investments for both sports center owners and managers. You can play the game no matter how old you are and the most important fact is that it does not require any athletic or physical skills.

Padel courts are a favorite of professional and amateur clubs around the world

It is a sport that combines three games: squash, tennis, and racquetball.
Padel Tennis is a game based on tennis that has been played for more than a century. It is a fast, reaction-based game that has gained popularity and spread in Dubai and Egypt, where local tournaments and leagues are frequently organized.
IM TRUST designs and implements international standard quality Padel tennis courts, focusing on quality, durability and meeting installation requirements. It also provides after-sales maintenance and installation services for the courts.

ملاعب البادل
ملاعب البادل

PadelCourt Skeleton

Padel court structure

Consistent but considerations taken during its construction can vary. The padel court floor must meet specified criteria for roughness, hardness and speed to ensure that it facilitates the correct bounce of the ball. The most preferred material for the floor is artificial grass cover. The best material for the walls is reinforced glass to ensure there is adequate bounce and allow the public to watch from outside.

Padel court fence

يThe padel court fencing is the most important element and ensures that the court withstands both the weather and the pressures of the game. Plastic or zinc grilles are best because they facilitate maximum resistance over the long term. The entrance hall can be two doors or it can be open. Another crucial factor in swing playgrounds is lighting. Manufacturers should avoid using materials that dazzle players. Initial evaluation of all elements used in construction is important in determining the best materials.

Padel court size

Implementation of padel courts with IM TRUST Company

The International Padel Tennis Federation stipulates that a Padel court must be at least 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. A regular court used for tennis takes up about twice the space needed for a swing game. The builders divide the Padel court into two parts using a grid and draw the service lines at a distance of exactly 6.95 m. There is a vertical line that divides the area between the service line and the network in half. Each vertical line is 5cm wide and the back walls are approximately 4m high.

Cost Advantages of Padel court

Compared to the building costs associated with tennis, a Padel court is cheaper to build. One of the main reasons for the friendly cost is the fact that you can create approximately 3 tennis courts in one tennis court. Aside from the cheap build costs, each game in Padel involves 4 players which mean there is more revenue generated per hour.
In addition, the small size of swing courts encourages the optimization of unused space and they can be built almost everywhere. Sufficient information on the most important elements of a swing court is helpful in determining the construction cost. Basic components include the type of artificial turf used, fencing structure, colors and installation of equipment, backdrops, and lighting. You can install two types of Padel courts including indoor or outdoor Padel courts and a fixed Padel court that uses permanent structures.

ملاعب بادل padel court
ملاعب بادل padel court

Equipping padel courts

Comparing padel courts to tennis courts

Comparing it to tennis, one of the main differences between padel and tennis is the structure of the court
The padel court is smaller and surrounded by walls that allow the ball to bounce
Padel is about a third the size of a tennis court, which means the paths are much shorter than tennis.
According to internationally accepted rules, a padel tennis court has an area of 20 x 10 metres.

• The tennis court is also rectangular in shape but is 23.78 meters long and 8.23 meters wide for singles and 10.97 meters for doubles. There are no walls on the sides.

Comparing padel court floors to tennis court floors

The Padel court floor is made of artificial turf.
Tennis court flooring is made of artificial turf, turf, acrylic, or tartan.
The height of the net in Padel tennis, the center is 0.88 meters, the height of the edge is 0.92 meters. In tennis, the center is 0.914 meters, the sides are 1.07 meters.
One of the most noticeable differences between the two sports is the gameplay.
In Padel tennis, the ball is allowed to bounce and hit the ground. All games are played in pairs, meaning there are two players on each side. In tennis, singles matches are more common and more popular, and the tennis racket is also larger, which means that its area of influence is much larger than the paddle tennis racket. The racket is also made of nylon strings instead of carbon fiber. It also has holes that facilitate air passage.

• In Padel tennis, its diameter ranges between 6.32 and 6.77 cm, in yellow or green colors.
• In tennis, the ball is about 6.7 cm in diameter and is colored yellow, green, or blue.
Finally, another difference between Padel and tennis concerns the referees….. In tennis, besides the referees and line judges, there is a technological device that needs cameras and sensors to ensure fairness….. In Padel tennis, only one referee is needed.

Implementation of padel courts

How to make padel courts

Padel courts are made of synthetic turf in a wide range of colours, but blue is the most common; The stadium’s lines are marked in white, while the grass is made of polyethylene, and the seams of the artificial grass are made of propylene.
The base layer of Padel courts is characterized by solidity and is not limited to a specific type, but it is required to be spreadable and flat and not to have any slopes or protrusions, i.e. a flat surface.
Padel courts are among the safest investment projects currently in Egypt.
IM TRUST is the leading company in Egypt in implementing Padel courts at the highest level.
We are honored to be the sole and exclusive agent for the largest Turkish factory in Egypt.
Therefore, you will not find our products anywhere else.

Among the most prominent projects that were implemented:
Continental Group – Cordoba International Schools – Dar Misr Foundation – Olympic Club – Hilton Hotel – Dyarna Group in El Gouna – Emaar North Coast
We have implemented many Padel courts and private sports fields with the best prices and materials.

ملاعب بادل
ملاعب البادل


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