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Basketball courts

IM TRUST for sports construction and landscaping works

Construction and equipment of basketball courts

IM TRUST provides ideal solutions at high levels for both indoor and outdoor basketball court flooring.
Types of basketball court construction:
• Open basketball courts
• Indoor basketball courts
Outdoor basketball courts are sports courts surrounded by wire mesh. The covered basketball courts are built as a building covered with a steel roof covering the indoor sports hall.

Ground applications used in basketball court construction:
• Basketball court with acrylic floor
• Basketball court with tartan floor
• Basketball court with a hardwood (vinyl) floor

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Acrylic floor basketball courts

Acrylic flooring is quick-drying, UV-resistant flooring suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball court applications. Acrylic flooring can be used in 2mm or 3mm thickness. The acrylic floor system consists of modified synthetic surface regulator, synthetic paint and acrylic final synthetic paint.
The acrylic system consists of a modified acrylic filler or latex powder filled, backing, regulating surface, acrylic primer, and final acrylic coats.

Basketball courts with tartan flooring

Tartan flooring, the system consists of two layers with a water permeable feature. EPDM layer on top, SBR granular layer on bottom. The granular layers are hot mixed with a material called binder. Tartan ground is usually used in the form of 8mm+5mm. A machine called a finisher is used on the EPDM and SBR granules hot in the place.

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Basketball courts with hardwood floors

Wooden sports flooring is a flooring with a renewable sports design, which enables the recovery of energy, reduces its consumption, and meets engineering needs through the bouncing of the ball. Solid wood floor consists of a multi-layer system. The special rubber backing system used in the substrate provides flexibility to the wood floor. Our solid wood floors regularly undergo qualitative tests in various parameters to ensure excellent slip resistance and scratch resistance.


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