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Who are we

IM TRUST for sports construction and landscaping works

Who are we

IM TRUST for sports construction, landscaping and contracting works

It is an Egyptian company that is a member of the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors. It holds the ISO 9001 certificate for the year 2018 and is therefore considered an essential partner in developing the sports infrastructure in Egypt, as it specializes in establishing and developing all types of sports facilities and owns many agencies for major international companies accredited by various sports federations, which helps us support our customers by providing integrated services with international quality and prices. Competitive in record time

IM TRUST Company was established in 2012, and since its inception it has sought to have the most prominent position in the field of importing, supplying and installing all indoor and outdoor sports stadium flooring, such as artificial turf football fields, tartan and acrylic fields, rubber tiles, squash courts and all sports constructions. .
The company also provides all types of artificial grass for landscaping in commercial, residential and recreational areas, gardens and around swimming pools.
The company also implements the infrastructure of the stadiums and all the specialized technical works and accessories used (lighting systems – goal nets – goalposts …etc.) in addition to providing all sports equipment and devices….etc.

IM TRUST skills

Landscape 96%
Sports constructions 99%
Rubber flooring 97%

Speaking of the company’s products and their quality, IM TRUST is considered one of the best companies concerned with the quality of its products, as it imports all of its products from major international companies accredited by international sports federations (FIFA – ITF – FIH – FIBA).

One of the most prominent successes that IM TRUST has achieved is its acquisition of some of the exclusive agencies in the Arab Republic of Egypt. One of the most prominent agencies that our company has obtained is the exclusive and only agency for the largest Turkish factory, which is one of the largest manufacturers of artificial turf and landscape products in Turkey and is exported to Europe.

Management message

Best friends,
IM TRUST Sport, which was established in 2012, has been designing and implementing all sports facilities and industrial and natural landscape works since that date. Over time we have had the opportunity to develop ourselves in sectors that provide growth opportunities in many areas.
The work culture in our company is the understanding of transferring the heritage of our ancestors to the future, the ability to overcome difficulties, inexhaustible patience, continuous renewal, credibility, and professional implementation, in addition to the passion for investment and love of the homeland. We share the same culture with our friends, who are trying to expand this family with us in all branches of the company, in any way, as we want to be an example for our children for their future.
Honesty, diligence and our entrepreneurial spirit, we acquired in the business life we took at a very young age and have today culminated in the high quality of the services we provide and with experience and good reputation in the public arena. We try to move forward with the understanding of management nurtured by our experience in many different sectors over time by reminding ourselves every morning that there is no end to learning and developing ourselves.
We aim to achieve excellence in every area in which we provide services by combining the ways of doing business with our corporate culture of highly experienced sector professionals who work with us in our subsidiaries.
Our goal is to make IM Trust famous in every business it has ever dealt with, and to make it a leading company in every field in which it deals with sporting priorities, and sustainable growth.
For this reason, and with the trust of our dear friends and the strength we receive from our professional team, we are confident that we will achieve the goals we set for ourselves in the coming years as we did in all previous periods.
The IM TRUST team will expand its geographical vision with new markets and new areas of work and will continue to expand its contribution in the future to stakeholders and in supporting the Egyptian economy. Because this concept is present in everyone who wants to join IM Trust, the person who wants to work must have this awareness as well.


We work to provide our knowledge, experience, extensive experience, and problem-solving abilities, through our qualified staff, and high-quality, reliable products to serve you.


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