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Squash courts

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Establishing and equipping squash courts

Squash courts are among the courts that are not widespread in Egypt and are rarely found in clubs and youth centers.
Squash courts are among the most uncommon, as they are not available in all clubs and youth centers
We provide squash courts that are recognized by schools, clubs, sports centers, etc. With design
The technologically advanced and distinctive sound system makes the squash court highly efficient. Squash court flooring is made of
Wooden parquet to ensure stability and good rebound. Squash courts are designed to withstand repeated use of manufactured materials
In advance, which reduces the costs of building the stadium and increases its professionalism. The squash court consists of metal panels, wooden floors,Glass back walls, front and back walls

ملاعب الإسكواش squash courts
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Squash court components

Front walls
They are panels of compressed wood, fixed on metal strips on the front wall of the court, and the spaces between the front wall and the wooden panels are filled with silica sand, which achieves sound absorption, shock resistance, and good ball bounce.

Side walls
• Made of gypsum-based plaster to avoid shrinkage and cracking in the walls as a result of ball shocks and pressure.
• Achieves good ball bounce and outstanding performance for players

Back walls
• It is characterized by durability and safety
• Easily installed,
• Good bounce and performance of the ball and its compliance with international standard specifications

Squash court flooring
Squash court floors are made of parquet (wooden flooring) to ensure stability for playing and bounce of the ball.

Squash court boards

Metal panels are built on both sides of the stadium’s pivot plate. The panels are manufactured according to our required specifications. On traditional squash courts, the metal panels stand at the front and side playing lines, but if you wish to extend the panels to the ceiling or if you prefer to place panels in the ceiling, we can accommodate that.



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