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Artificial grass

IM TRUST for sports construction and landscaping works

Artificial grass

IM TRUST Company for Sports Construction and Landscape Works offers unconventional solutions in utilizing spaces and provides many creative options that make these spaces suitable for many recreational activities by providing the finest types of artificial grass.
Landscape is considered the ideal solution to the problems of natural grass and the exploitation of spaces by adding decorative touches with endless creative ideas that give a feeling of psychological comfort.

نجيل صناعي
نجيل صناعي
نجيل صناعي

Why should you choose artificial grass (landscape)?

The best types of artificial grass

Save water and money

Save water and money

Artificial turf does not require extensive and expensive maintenance. Artificial turf products do not require irrigation and save you water usage and costs

Suitable for all weather conditions

Suitable for all weather conditions

Artificial turf is suitable for use in all weather conditions.
It resists extreme heat and cold, and also resists ultraviolet rays.

Resistant and long lasting

Resistant and long lasting

Synthetic materials that resist friction are more durable and longer lasting than natural ones. The life of artificial grass is about 8 years when it is cared for regularly.

Easy care and cleaning

Easy care and cleaning

Artificial turf does not require watering, mowing or fertilizing. Artificial turf is easier to maintain and clean than natural turf. Retains its green appearance from day one over the years.

Perfect solution for allergies

Perfect solution for allergies

Artificial turf, a healthy product, improves fresh air quality because it does not contain pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.



Artificial turf, which forms soft ground against strong impacts, provides a safe and healthy environment for both children and pets.

At IM TRUST, we are honored to be the sole and exclusive agent for the largest Turkish factory in Egypt.

Benefits and uses of artificial grass in Egypt

Advantages of artificial grass and EM Trust Company

Artificial grass is an innovative and effective solution to add beauty and vitality to green spaces in Egypt. While artificial grass has a number of features that make it the ideal choice for homes and public places:

  • Natural appearance: Artificial turf has an appearance similar to natural turf, making it an ideal aesthetic choice without the need for extensive care.
  • Easy maintenance: Artificial grass requires much less maintenance than natural grass, as it does not require regular watering or pruning.
  • Durability and sustainability: Artificial grass withstands weather changes and intense use without deteriorating in quality.

IM TRUST Company is the leading company in the field of producing artificial turf in Egypt. The company features high-quality products and outstanding services, and is known for providing innovative green solutions to customers in Egypt and around the world. EM Trust offers products of natural beauty and endurance, making them the first choice of many customers.

Artificial grass in sports fields and stadiums

Artificial turf is distinguished by its applications in the sports field and stadium preparation. It provides a flat and homogeneous surface, which enhances players’ performance and reduces the risk of injury. Artificial turf also withstands heavy use and different playing conditions, making it an ideal choice for football fields, tennis, and other sports fields.

Installation and maintenance of artificial playgrounds by IM TRUST

EM Trust Company provides installation and maintenance services for artificial grass fields on a regular basis. The company ensures the installation of high-quality playgrounds that meet performance and durability standards. In addition, EM Trust provides specialized maintenance services to maintain the quality and appearance of the playgrounds over time.

Supply and installation of artificial grass by IM TRUST

Preparing beautiful homes and gardens with artificial grass

IM TRUST plays an important role in equipping homes and gardens with the best types of artificial grass. The company also offers a variety of options that suit the tastes and needs of customers, and also helps in adding a touch of beauty and green to residential areas.

Providing artificial grass for companies, villas and public places

In addition to homes, IM TRUST provides artificial turf solutions for companies, villas and public places. While artificial grass can be customized to suit the needs of different projects, creating a green and attractive environment for visitors and customers.

Exporting artificial grass from Egypt to the world

In addition to its local role, IM TRUST crosses borders and exports its artificial grass products from Egypt to various parts of the world. The company also seeks to provide high quality and distinguished standards to global customers, while confirming its position as a leading player in the artificial turf industry.

What is the price of a meter of artificial grass?

The prices of a meter of artificial turf vary depending on the quality and type. It is recommended to contact us to find out the latest developments and prices of artificial turf.

How much does a meter of natural grass cost?

The price of a meter of natural grass is often higher than that of artificial grass due to the additional costs of care and maintenance.

How much does tartan cost?

Please check and contact us for accurate prices.

How long is a roll of artificial grass?

The length of the artificial turf roll varies between A meter and B metre, depending on needs and suppliers.

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Conclusion: Create green beauty with artificial grass from IM TRUST

In conclusion، artificial grass is an ideal choice for those looking for natural beauty and durability in green spaces, whether in homes, stadiums, or public places. IM TRUST proudly seeks to provide the best artificial turf products in Egypt, and is distinguished by quality and excellence in providing green solutions that meet customers’ aspirations.

Through its supply and installation of artificial grass, IM TRUST plays a vital role in improving the green environment and bringing life to vacant spaces. Whether you are looking to equip your home garden, improve a sports field, or develop a business project, IM TRUST offers you the ideal artificial turf solutions.

Using advanced technology and constant attention to quality, IM TRUST offers a unique experience that ensures lasting beauty and easy maintenance. Thanks to its rich history and position as a leading company, you find IM TRUST a strong partner to realize your dreams of creating a beautiful and sustainable green environment.


Our new works of artificial grass

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