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Rubber rolls

IM TRUST for sports construction and landscaping works

Construction and preparation of rubber roll flooring

Rubber flooring (rolls) attracts attention due to its many features in addition to its aesthetic appearance and is characterized by the following: –
1. Flexibility and shock absorption.
2. Rubber floors protect against injuries and dangers that may occur when falling in all gyms and children’s play areas.
3. Sound insulation.
4. It is characterized by its softness despite its durability, which is why it is widely used in sports areas, playgrounds, and children’s playing areas in parks.
5. It is characterized by its high resistance to liquids and moisture.
6. Health and safety.
7. Rubber flooring is characterized by its ease, as it is suitable in walking and running areas due to its flexibility and non-slip ability, and therefore individuals are not harmed when moving on it because it works to absorb shocks.

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Why should you choose rubber rollers?

We work to provide the best rubber roller materials to all our valued customers and provide them at the best competitive prices. We also work to provide a team of professionally trained workers who install them skillfully and quickly, taking into account the nature of the place and the area that will be covered.
Among the most popular places where rubber floors are installed are:
1. Children’s playgrounds
2. Jogging and walking lanes.
3. Bicycle paths.
4. Horse stables.
5. Nurseries and school gardens.
6. Rehabilitation centers.
7. Fitness centers.
8. Nursing homes for the elderly.

Which helps the spread of rubber flooring?

What helps in the spread of rubber flooring:
– Very high resistance to corrosion, which reduces the need to change it
– Rubber floors are flexible and shock absorbent
– High sound absorption.
– All types of anti-static rubber flooring.
– It is safe, provides more comfort, and reduces the risk of injury while playing.
– Sleep and rest while walking, as it prevents slipping.
– Rubber floors protect against injuries and dangers that may occur when falling.
– Fire resistant, does not cause combustion, and does not emit smoke because it is made of natural materials.
Rubber flooring for gym floors, children’s play areas and nurseries:
– Rubber flooring is used in (covered halls, outdoor and indoor playgrounds, gyms, children’s play areas, nurseries and entertainment areas).

Types and prices of rubber flooring :

– IM TRUST provides rubber flooring in different thicknesses at competitive prices.
-We provide the finest suitable rubber materials in various thicknesses that suit all needs and work to absorb shocks.

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